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Common Mistakes When Customising T-shirts And How To Avoid Them?

No matter what you are into or what is best suited for your brand we have it all. We deliver a wide variety of Polos, T-Shirts, Work Wear, Pull Over Hoodies, Zip-up Hoodies , Sweat Shirts and much more with the feature of customisation available with them for our customers. So, that our customers can get high quality clothing that is comfortable, trendy and made just for them according to their likes and requirements. However, there are plenty of common mistakes that ruins the ultimate purpose of customisation.

Delayed Delivery:

One of the common mistakes that customers make is that they order late. It is understood that printing and customisation takes time which highlights the fact that the need for your order is already long gone when it gets delivered. Mistakes in anticipating the delivery time would leave customers with products that could have been useful earlier but when it is delivered, it is of no use.

Therefore, as a responsible retailer we thrive to encourage our clients to order customised and personalised products before the due date. With the help of our latest state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, we are able to produce and deliver our product on the required time. Moreover, we have a variety of designed products that are available which can also be used as a sample for customisation.

Colour Mismatch:

One more common mistake that people usually make is that they have a picture of already existing designs in their minds which were made by different vendors on their T-shirts also made from different fabric. This leads to a problem of significant difference between the two which consequently becomes an issue for the customer. Because it disrupts the uniformity and looks rather unprofessional.

In order to deal with these kind of problems we encourage our customers to provide us with a sample of the product they require along with new necessary changes that they want to be included in that particular product. We thrive to deliver what we are expected to provide and for that we need support of our customers as well.

Poor Shirt Fit:

The most common mistake that people usually made is that they do not pay close attention to their size while ordering shirts especially in the cases where customisation is involved. Shirts which are not fitting well looks shabby and not quite professional. In addition to that, they are unbearable and uncomfortable for the employees.

However, it is our responsibility to make sure that customers don’t make any mistakes while ordering their desired shirts and have their required print or design. We have highly qualified teams dedicated for the customisations and experts to make sure that mistakes are prevented that is why we encourage you to don’t make this common mistake and by following our guidelines you can have exactly what you have ordered.

Spelling Mistakes and Typing Errors:

It is natural to make mistakes while typing, sometimes mistakes are of spellings or sometimes mistakes could happen in numbers while giving the measurements. These mistakes are easy to make, and anyone could fall victim of these typing mistakes or spelling errors. In the case of customisation and ordering products, these little mistakes could result in a heavy loss in the form of wrong product made and delivered, wrong sizes, false designs or prints.
Assume a mistake happened in the spelling of the brand name, although it is a small mistake the impact of this mistake is going to be catastrophic. In order to eliminate the loss that could happen due to these mistakes, we double-check everything with our clients and make things accurate and concrete so that there is no chance of errors.

The quality of the image:

This type of mistake is quite common while ordering clothes online. People look at an image on their mobile phones’ screens, and it seems ok at that time, but when you look at the same image on a T-shirt of size 5XL, it looks pixelated, overstretched and overall ugly because the picture is now ten times bigger.

To tackle this issue, we have experts who look over and analyse the images and make sure that they don’t over-expand them while printing on the products. Moreover, we educate our customers not to download and send pictures from google image searches as those pictures are often in smaller sizes and thus damages the overall quality and look of the final product.

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